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Yeh Raaste Hai Pyaar Ke 3 Hindi Torrent Download




It was a moderate success at the box office. Plot The story revolves around a young couple, Siddharth and Suman (played by Akshay Kumar and Sonali Bendre), who are both in love with Ashish (played by Sharman Joshi). Suman and Ashish have a great friendship, but Ashish likes Siddharth, and Siddharth likes Suman. To test the strength of their love, Ashish secretly sends Siddharth a love letter which is later found by Siddharth's girlfriend, Neetu (played by Madhuri Dixit). The ensuing mess, along with the fact that Neetu has also fallen in love with Ashish, results in the two couples being friends rather than lovers, and Suman and Ashish slowly falling in love with each other. Suman's father, Padma (played by Satish Kaushik), is a kind and understanding man. Padma is the only person who knows about Ashish's love letter to Siddharth, and he secretly takes the letter away from Neetu, and destroys it. He asks Suman not to give Ashish any chance to hurt her again. Cast Akshay Kumar as Siddharth Sonali Bendre as Suman Sharman Joshi as Ashish Madhuri Dixit as Neetu Satish Kaushik as Padma Madhurima Tuli as Ganga Govind Namdev as Siddharth's father Mehmood Jr. as Tarun Rajendra Nath as a doctor Dilip Choudhary as the Minister Deepraj Rana as Neetu's husband Soundtrack External links Category:2001 films Category:2000s Hindi-language films Category:Indian films Category:Films scored by Laxmikant–PyarelalTintabullina Tintabullina (possibly from Aymara t'in ti na'u a big mountain, "a big mountain of the girl [or of the young woman]") is a mountain in the Bolivian Andes. It is located in the La Paz Department, Los Andes Province, Pitumarca Municipality. References Category:Mountains of La Paz Department (Bolivia) Category:Mountains of BoliviaBlack




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Yeh Raaste Hai Pyaar Ke 3 Hindi Torrent Download

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